ORE Part 2 (Online Platform Only)


There are four components to Part 2 of the ORE:  An operative test on a dental manikin (DM) Candidates are required to perform three procedures over a period of three hours. These procedures primarily involve the preparation and restoration of teeth, but may also include other procedures where appropriate simulation can allow assessment of operative skills.  DM guidance is available on the exam centre's website here.  An objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) This is where candidates visit a series of ‘stations’ which test their clinical skills. These may include history-taking and assessment, communication skills (such as an explanation of problems and treatment [...]

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Mock Exams for ORE 1, LDS 1 & MJDF


A) ORE Part 1 The Exam​: Part 1 is designed to test candidates' application of knowledge to clinical practice. It consists of two computer-based exam papers:  Paper A covers clinically applied dental science and clinically applied human disease.Paper B covers aspects of clinical dentistry, including law and ethics and health and safety. All questions are mapped to learning outcomes in the GDC document 'Preparing for Practice' (PfP).  Each paper lasts three hours and is made up of Multiple Short Answer questions (Extended Matching Questions and Single Best Answer Questions). A candidate is expected to be able to show competence, knowledge and familiarity in the different aspects [...]

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